Other Brands -

Other Brands

Over thirty years we have found Miele and Simplicity deliver superior performance and reliability. Because of this history we carry a wider selection of these two brands. We also carry a limited selection of some of the following brands.

Cirrus vacuums are made to last by using durable materials such as, motors with ball bearing construction, metal brush-rolls, metal pivot points, metal bottom plates, and metal handles. We use metal parts where critical wear items require more durable materials.

Has manufactured vacuums since 1905, years ago they were referred to one of the big three, which were Hoover, Eureka and Royal. Royal has manufactured one of the few reliable carpet shampooers. Over the last 20 twenty years we have seen very few come in for service. Where many brands require continual maintenance and repair. We also carry Royal mid-priced vacuums.

Kirby Re-Conditioned Vacuums
At Park Vacuum Center we sell many fully re-conditioned units at 50% to 80% off Kirby's list price. We offer full warranties on all of these units and do any service work and have all supplies in stock.Park Vacuum has one of the largest showrooms in Minnesota.

Other Vacuums
Park Vacuum has one of the largest showrooms in Minnesota. We are a dealer of new and reconditioned vacuums from national brands such as Miele, Simplicity, Royal, Sanitaire, Oreck, Kirby, Electrolux, Filter Queen, Cirrus and Tri Star/Compact. We choose not to sell throw away, dirty, bagless vacuums that are sold at the big-box stores.